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Royal Treatment in Jordan

Day 5: Missed our flight to Jordan. We stayed up all night until the airport opened back up and by the luck of the draw we got another ticket in the morning for only 45 bucks. We got off the plane and went straight to Petra, Jordan at 9 am on zero hours of sleep. The ride there cost us 25 dinar and it was 40 dinar to enter the country. 

Unfortunately we weren't aware of the Jordan pass that gets you in anywhere for only 70 dinar, 30 more than the original visa and you can get anywhere in Jordan for free. So we paid 50 more dinar to get into Petra and got to see the treasury, monastery, and cave walls hundreds of feet tall. It was over 115* and the hike was 14+ miles. Camels horses and mules and chariot were used to get people who didn't want to make the walk in the heat. From there we drove another 3 hours to Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum was another 25/30 for the ride with the bat mobile - shout out to Neayl and Jad the owners of "Travel Jordan." We stayed in a traditional Jordanian tent with no Ac but was still an awesome tent we felt like royalty. We traveled the desert for 4 hours by Jeep and stopped to climb some giant rock formation at sunset. We ran into some Jordanian kids playing music up there, then we took the drone out, sat, and watched the sunset for a while. After this we went back to camp where they cooked dinner for us. The food they made was a traditional jordan meal where they cooked meat in the sand because it is so hot and put it over rice topped with olive oil and yogurt and pita bread. After dinner we sat and smoked hookah, and when the stars came out we walked into the desert where we could see every star you could possibly imagine. We set up our cameras, took pictures, and fell asleep. This country is so amazing, unlike Egypt the country is clean, welcoming, full of a wide range of landscapes and endless desert mountains and cliffs. The people are not as money grabbing and just want you to enjoy what their country has to offer. Although it is much more expensive compared to other countries we have traveled it is still manageable and no more expensive than the states. 

Ps: camel milk makes girls horny in September/October. Saw the mountain of Arun.

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